Wyvern is the cryptocurrency for gamers.


Wyvern is the cryptocurrency for gamers. You can use Wyvern to pay peers for goods and services, just like regular money. Like Bitcoin, which you may have heard of, Wyvern maintains a globally distributed blockchain ledger enabling permissionless, anonymous, instant transactions from person-to-person anywhere in the world - all you need to transact is an internet connection. Wyvern can also be exchanged for virtual merchandise on the Wyvern Exchange and more.


Unlike Bitcoin, Wyvern is secured in aggregate by everyday users, not by a handful of centralized corporations. Wyvern uses a specialized mining algorithm, NIST5, which prevents ASIC manufacturers from outcompeting everyone else and controlling the network. The most efficient way to mine Wyvern and secure the network is with a graphics-processing unit (GPU) in an ordinary desktop computer.

Get Started

Wyvern is neither a shady investment scam nor a complicated academic experiment - it's a practical, secure currency that you can use right now.

Learn more on our official website, check out our social media feeds, download a Wyvern wallet from Github and start mining, and join our Slack to find out how you can get involved!